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Citizen Science

Citizen science is an exciting and rapidly growing trend across the world in which members of the public collect and analyze data relating to the natural world, often in collaboration with scientists, researchers or organizations. A “citizen scientist” is generally someone who has received no formal education about the subjects they are investigating, although they may have some training on data collection and a personal interest. They volunteer their time to increase our collective knowledge about many diverse scientific fields, including ecology, astronomy, medicine, computer science, statistics, biology, marine science, engineering and more. Because a “citizen scientist” can be of any age, background or skill level, these projects are often a great way to introduce young people to science.

This page will highlight various citizen science both inside and outside of the state of Oregon. Check back frequently as new features become available.


Bioblitzes Need Citizen Scientists of All Ages: The Oregon Coast Aquarium is looking for volunteers of all ages to assist with bioblitzes to be conducted in the intertidal areas adjacent to three of Oregon’s marine reserves in July 2018.

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