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Probably nothing has inspired more artists than the natural world. From humanity’s earliest ancestors painting on cave walls to modern wildlife artists, nature is a source of limitless inspiration. This page will feature examples of teens using their creativity to explore and appreciate outdoor areas. Click on one of the features below to learn more about it.


This page will be updated periodically with new examples from teens around Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. If you’re a young artist who uses nature as an inspiration, we’d like to know about it. Send us details through email or post it on The Stream.

Painting From The Heart

Eighteen-year-old Sierra Payne has a passion for protecting the world ocean and found that her artistic ability gave her a unique and entertaining way of spreading her message. Click here.

Beach Huts And Other Constructs

Who hasn’t gone to the beach and found themselves building something in the sand? This new photo set on our Tumblr page features just some of the amazing things we’ve found young people creating on Oregon beaches using nothing but found objects including mud, driftwood, shells, stones and kelp. Click here.

Elysium Artists for the Arctic

Through this Virtual Exploration, Ocean Geographic’s Elysium Artists provide an opportunity to observe rarely seen arctic animals and disappearing ecosystems as shared by explorers, scientists and artists. Click here

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