Landmark Places

A landmark can be one of two things. It’s either a natural feature of the landscape which is easily recognizable from a distance, such as a mountain, a hilltop or a river. Or it’s a place where something remarkable happened which was important to the people living in the area. This could include a naturally-existing area, but it might also be a human structure like a building, a bridge or a railroad.

On the Oceanscape Network, you’ll see the icon shown above anytime we’re highlighting a Landmark Place – a location with specific ecological, historical or cultural significance. Most of these Landmark Places are located in coastal areas, but others may appear throughout the state if we feel they are particularly important for you to know about. Some of our Landmark Places may be off the beaten path, but we guarantee they are worth the effort.

How Can I Find These Landmark Places?

Each Landmark Place may be accompanied by an address and/or Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates. If you have a smart device which is GPS equipped, finding these coordinates can be easy and fun. Check your online app store for the appropriate software, enter the coordinates into your device and it will guide you to these locations.

Also, our Landmark Places are marked on our interactive state map which will also help you plan your visit.

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