Tools to help you enjoy nature

Outdoor Safety

Heading outdoors can be rewarding on so many levels, but it also involves a number of variables and risk factors you need to consider first. This feature offers some valuable tips to help keep you safe.

Water And Beach Safety

On the Oregon Coast, the water takes causes more injuries and takes more lives than any other force of nature. Even if you're just spending some time wandering on the beach, read over these safety tips before you head out.

Dealing With Emergencies

Being outdoors means being prepared for anything. Weather can change quickly, natural disasters can hit... or you might just drop your backpack in a lake. Whatever the situation, this feature will help you with some common sense preparations.

Encountering Wildlife

Encountering wild animals can be an amazing experience... or a frightening one. Here are some basic tips which will help ensure all of your wildlife encounters are positive and pleasant.
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