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From the dark ocean depths to the mountaintop forests, your adventure through nature begins here.

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Our World Ocean

Travel around the globe to find the mysterious places and amazing animals of our great, interconnected ocean.

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Everyday Adventurers

Meet other teens and young adults as they experience, explore and protect our fragile blue planet.

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Connected to Science

Our Virtual Explorations let you join scientists, explorers and researchers on the edge of discovery!

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Education Through Discovery

Educators can sign up for free accounts to facilitate inquiry-based learning and access classroom resources.

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Daily Updates

'The Stream' is our constantly updated information system. Use it to find what's new on the Oceanscape Network.

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"Now it’s your turn to be the explorer, the adventurer, the scientist..."


Cape Disappointment: Over the next week, join us as we explore the foggy paradise (and bane of sailors) located at the mouth of the Columbia River in southern Washington state.

Back to Nikumaroro: The International Team for Historical Aircraft Recovery updates us on their latest expedition to find evidence that aviator Amelia Earhart crash-landed on a remote South Pacific atoll.

From the Stream

Using the Oceanscape Network:

  • At Home

    From the comfort of your home, explore the amazing natural history of the Oregon Coast and the world ocean. Discover new ways to experience or protect our natural world every day, or connect with us through our social networks.

  • In the Field

    Take your smart device along on your next outdoor adventure and use it to share your thoughts, photos or videos with other visitors through The Stream. Or use a GPS app and our Wayfind It features to explore the Oregon Coast.

  • At School

    Ask your teachers to create student communities and then use our scienctific inquiry modules to explore aquatic habitats and natural history topics. This feature may help Oregon high school students earn credit toward graduation!

Featured Slideshow:

  • Ssfunfactsvolcanoes

    View A Volcano!

    Looking for an adventure through geology this summer? How about taking a driving tour of the Pacific Northwest’s volcanoes?

  • Ssfunfactsmushroomhunting

    Forage From The Land

    There are over 3,000 species of fruiting fungi in the Pacific Northwest. Mushroom hunting is a popular summer pastime in Oregon.

  • Ssfunfactsmarmot

    Spot A Rare Animal!

    The Yellow-bellied Marmot (Marmota flaviventris) lives underground most of the year, emerging only during the summer months.

  • Ssfunfactshiking

    Take A Hike!

    Did you know that getting out and walking in nature promotes everything from better health to enhanced creativity?

  • Ssfunfactscamas

    Camas: The Amazing Plant

    Outside of salmon, the root of the camas plant (Camassia quamash) was the most widely traded food item among the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Ssfunfactsreading

    Read More About It

    Whether you’re looking for a nature guide or a great novel, there are literally thousands of books written about the Pacific Northwest!

  • Ssfunfactsvistahouse

    Explore An Historic Building

    Western Oregon has some amazing architecture. This summer, why not tour some great buildings — like the Vista House shown here.

  • Ssfunfactstidepools

    Enjoy The Beaches!

    Oregon laws guarantee the “free and uninterrupted use” of beaches by the public. Beach combing and tide pooling on the Oregon Coast are fun, easy and educational.

ROVs at Work in the Deep Sea

This short film shows remotely operated vehicles (or ROVs) working at ocean depths too dangerous for manned submersibles.