Welcome Young Explorers

From the darkest ocean depths to the mist-covered mountaintops, your Oregon Coast adventure begins here.

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Our World Ocean

Travel the globe and find the mysterious places and amazing animals of our one great, interconnected ocean.

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Everyday Adventurers

Meet amazing young Oregonians who are experiencing the nature through recreation and creativity.

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Shaped By Nature

From ancient lava flows to the grinding power of the ocean waves, learn how the Oregon Coast was created.

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Sharing Your Stories

Whether you're a hiker, camper, surfer or photographer, you can share your outdoor experiences with other visitors.

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It's Their Home, Too

Discover Oregon's amazing terrestrial species while you wander the coastal mountains, meadows and forests.

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Making A Difference

From habitat restoration to beach cleanups, see how young stewards are helping wild species and natural places.

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Mysteries Of The Deep

Seek out the silent predators, forgotten shipwrecks and other mysteries hidden below the waves and sand.

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Education Through Discovery

You become the scientist when your teachers build online student communities for inquiry-based school projects.

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Finding Your Way

Find that perfect beach or amazing state park using our features, your smart device and the Global Positioning System.

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"Now it’s your turn to be the explorer, the adventurer, the scientist..."


Landmark Place: Oregon Coast Aquarium: The aquarium is one of the best known natural history attractions in Oregon. Learn why this center for marine science and education is one of our Landmark Places.

Remembering Keiko: Although the only orcas you’ll find at the Oregon Coast Aquarium today are in videos or photographs, at one time a large, friendly male named Keiko was the organization’s biggest attraction.

Educators, Share Your Field Expieriences! Educators, do you have a unique and exciting field experience project related to nature or conservation? Here’s how you can share your field experiences with others on the Oceanscape Network.

From the Stream

Using the Oceanscape Network:

  • At Home

    From the comfort of your home, explore the amazing natural history of the Oregon Coast and the world ocean. Discover new ways to experience or protect our natural world every day, or connect with us through our social networks.

  • In the Field

    Take your smart device along on your next outdoor adventure and use it to share your thoughts, photos or videos with other visitors through The Stream. Or use a GPS app and our Wayfind It features to explore the Oregon Coast.

  • At School

    Ask your teachers to create student communities and then use our scienctific inquiry modules to explore aquatic habitats and natural history topics. This feature may help Oregon high school students earn credit toward graduation!

Featured Slideshow:

  • Snowcolumbiarivergorge

    Snow in the Columbia River Gorge

    Frosty but tranquil, snow can lend a dramatic touch to this deep river canyon.

  • Snowcoveredpath

    Footprints in the Snow

    Some early morning explorers have left mute signs of their experience in the snow.

  • Snowcraterlake

    Crater Lake

    This collapsed volcanic caldera looks very tranquil in the wintertime.

  • Snowducksandgeese

    Ducks and Geese

    These Oregon waterfowl congregate at the edge of a frozen pond.

  • Snowinmountainvalley

    Winter Sunrise

    A snowy pasture catches the first rays of sun in the middle of the Oregon Coast Range mountains.

  • Snowmultnomahfalls

    Multnomah Falls

    This famous bridge in the Columbia River Gorge is even more spectacular in the snow.

  • Snowonyellowtree

    Life Beneath The Ice

    In Corvallis, bright yellow life peeks out beneath this freshly fallen snow.

John Dellenback Dunes Trail

Wending its way through a lush coastal forest, along the banks of a tranquil stream and finally through a massive dune sea, the John Dellenback trail is a great hike which encompasses multiple ecosystems.