Welcome Young Explorers

From the darkest ocean depths to the mist-covered mountaintops, your Oregon Coast adventure begins here.

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Our World Ocean

Travel the globe and find the mysterious places and amazing animals of our one great, interconnected ocean.

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Everyday Adventurers

Meet amazing young Oregonians who are experiencing the nature through recreation and creativity.

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Shaped By Nature

From ancient lava flows to the grinding power of the ocean waves, learn how the Oregon Coast was created.

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Sharing Your Stories

Whether you're a hiker, camper, surfer or photographer, you can share your outdoor experiences with other visitors.

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It's Their Home, Too

Discover Oregon's amazing terrestrial species while you wander the coastal mountains, meadows and forests.

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Making A Difference

From habitat restoration to beach cleanups, see how young stewards are helping wild species and natural places.

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Mysteries Of The Deep

Seek out the silent predators, forgotten shipwrecks and other mysteries hidden below the waves and sand.

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Education Through Discovery

You become the scientist when your teachers build online student communities for inquiry-based school projects.

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Finding Your Way

Find that perfect beach or amazing state park using our features, your smart device and the Global Positioning System.

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"Now it’s your turn to be the explorer, the adventurer, the scientist..."

New on the Oceanscape Network

The new school year is about to begin so it’s the perfect time for educators to get their FREE Oceanscape Network account. Having an account will allow you to build online student communities and facilitate inquiry-based learning in your program. Our unique inquiry modules all align to Oregon State educational standards and can help high school students obtain a necessary requirement toward graduation. To learn more about how the Oceanscape Network can assist with your program, click here to visit our Education Center!

The Oceanscape Network just launched its very own Facebook page and we’re looking for friends with whom to share information on new website features, educational opportunities, teacher resources, conservation ideas and news about our fragile world ocean. If you’re on Facebook, please consider following us by clicking here. Thank you!

From the Stream

Using the Oceanscape Network:

  • At Home

    From the comfort of your home, explore the amazing natural history of the Oregon Coast and the world ocean. Discover new ways to experience or protect our natural world every day, or connect with us through our social networks.

  • In the Field

    Take your smart device along on your next outdoor adventure and use it to share your thoughts, photos or videos with other visitors through The Stream. Or use a GPS app and our Wayfind It features to explore the Oregon Coast.

  • At School

    Ask your teachers to create student communities and then use our scienctific inquiry modules to explore aquatic habitats and natural history topics. This feature may help Oregon high school students earn credit toward graduation!

Featured Slideshow:

  • Btsyouthactivities

    Oregon youth are out there exploring, adventuring and learning! During the next year, we'll be featuring and expanding our Experience area to feature teens and how they're discovering Oregon!

  • Btsvideos

    Did you know there are over 50 original videos already on the Oceanscape Network? Upcoming videos will highlight natural areas, animal species and youth activities as narrated by their young participants.

  • Btsresources

    Teens will benefit from new resources we'll be adding to Oceanscape this school year, including a guide to building effective classroom presentations and new downloadable animal guides.

  • Btsoregonsanimals

    Animal-realted features are some of the most popular things on the Oceanscape Network so we'll be adding many more, including expanding our Endangered Oregon series.

  • Btsnewplaces

    Explore western Oregon from the Pacific coast to the inland mountains! Our interactive mapping features lets you look at the places, ecosystems and species of our area.

  • Btsinquirymodules

    During the 2014-15 school year, you and your students can look forward to two new inquiry modules which conform to Oregon State educational standards!

  • Btsfreeaccounts

    If you're an educator, sign up today for your free user account by clicking the EDUCATE link. Our unique interface allows your students to access guided scientific inquiry modules.

  • Btsconservationprojects

    The Oceanscape Network highlights conservation efforts throughout the Pacific Northwest and allows you to share your own projects to help save the Earth through The Stream.

Back to School for Teachers!

Teachers and organizers share their experiences and knowledge at the COASTALearning Symposium. Visit The Stream for registration information on this professional development opportunity.